Find an adult baby, adult babies in England, UK

I am an adult baby boy who lives in the Midlands, England, UK and I am in my mid to late 30’s. I have purposely not written anymore about my identity on this website however by making contact with you can you learn more. I started this website and ABDL blog during the summer of 2020.

This is because I found very little on the internet from mummies, babysitters etc. searching for an adult baby to look after. There are people in the community but they are hard to find due to the nature and often they are more fetish, BDSM etc. involved. There are a select few who offer professional services (usually a mistress or dominatrix and often found on the likes of for example or their own website) however this means they are not necessarily and genuinely wanting an AB, little to care for.

Unfortunately all of the forums designed for people to meet each other, are flooded with people who are not being true to others as well as themselves. You can read more about me particularly on my ‘BIO’ page.

Infantalism, role play and age play

With an adult baby there are deep and lasting urges with a specific focus; nappies, diapers and, or babyhood. Infantilism is the desire to be a baby and even with the internet and TV there have been documentaries about adult babies, infantilists as it is still widely misunderstood.

Its not all about adults dressing as babies, wearing nappies, diapers however being an adult baby nappies for me are necessary just like my lovely comfortable and cute clothing for night-time, day-time. There are also my dummies, pacifiers, bottles, bibs, shoes, onesies, footed sleepers, socks etc. Not to forget my very special bunny ‘apple’ who is always able to sooth me!

More often than not, role play involves getting into a regressed headspace. This may be described as going into a less stressful state of mind, forgetting about the stresses of life, or allowing their inner self out.

It is not about minors in anyway whatsoever, just an adult and his life as and adult baby (AB). Where it uses the word baby, boy, brother etc. it related to an adult at all times roleplaying.

Find an adult baby, ABDL or little

I have a ‘contact me’ page if you wish to enquire about getting to know me more, as well as babysitting me.

You can find out more on my ‘look after me’ page – I wouldn’t charge a female for this unlike many, but the person does need to be right for me so, things won’t just happen over night, there needs to be a level of comfort, trust and security developed in the first instance.

What my website offers

On this website there is my first blog I have ever done, as well as details about ABs (like me) as well as DLs. There is also information about the handmade nursery furniture I make and sell, reviews page as well as information on ABDL support I can also offer.