Wearing cloth night-time nappies, diapers

Introducing myself to wearing cloth night-time nappies, diapers was very late to come into my AB life. I have always had a liking to plastic backed disposable nappies, diapers as this was what I was always seeing post my own babyhood back in the mid 1980s.

When I was a baby I was in terry towelling cloth nappies folded and pinned. I do not remember the feeling as such however recently seem to be having some recollection giving my experiences following the purchase of a couple Rearz ‘Omutsu’ cloth bulky night-time nappies, diapers.

I decided to try cloth nappies due to concerns with disposables and night-time wetting leading to leaks. I was not thinking that cloth would be any better! however I have been proven wrong. The fact that the whole of the nappy, diaper can absorb is a plus point over disposables which can’t offer this based on the design to date. Not only this but a very well fitting and good quality pair of plastic pants over the cloth nappy, diaper gives added assurance.

The Rearz ‘Omutsu’ cloth bulky night-time nappies, diapers whilst are not the cheapest on the market seem to be one of the best sadly only available from the US (which does not mean you cannot get them but it does mean there are added costs with customs tax etc.)

Since wearing one for the first time and during the night I could not believe how these nappies, diapers helped me feel not only secure but where I wanted to be. I slept literally like a baby (so don’t complain) and will not necessarily turn back to disposables whilst at home and wanting a nappy, diaper to last me through the night.


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