REARZ – 80mm adult stainless steel locking nappy, diaper pins – (4 Pack)

Not so long ago I received these colourful stainless steel nappy, diaper pins from REARZ feature locking plastic heads. These pins are the biggest around measuring 3.25 inches in length. They work equally well fastening adult or youth cloth diapers. Extra strong, so they won’t bow out like baby pins. Each pack includes 2 pairs of diaper pins, and are available in yellow, blue, pink, and white.

Falling in love with Privatina age play fashion

Not so long ago I made a discovery and the discovery caused me to fall in love – not with someone but something and that is a company called Privatina. Privatina specialise in age play fashion and have since 2004. The clothing is so special and unique in design ranging from onesies to sleeping bags, overalls to tops and bottoms.

I have found a very special outfit which I will be measuring myself for this weekend. It is an adult baby sleeper called ‘JUNIOR’ and is a cute romper made from velour, opened in step with snaps. Also have snaps at the neckline to allow for easy dressing and is designed for easy nappy, diaper changes by mummy or my babysitter.

I am not sure yet what embroidery to have however I am tempted to stick with what is shown below. I so can’t wait until I receive this and have a night in it for the first time.

Special friends and loved ones

Just a quick post to say how grateful I am for those people and loved ones who are very supportive to me as an adult baby. It really isn’t easy to be one for many reasons however to the more support you have the easier it is. For privacy I wouldn’t mention names but you girls know who you are – thank you!

A fixation on a flight to Florida when I was younger

When I was younger my mother took us to Florida on holiday. This was an exciting time and not just because where we were going. During the flight as I had a very weak bladder I was quick to have to go to the toilet. When I did I was sat on the airline toilet and noticed a small cupboard with free disposable nappies in sealed packets however one was open.

I had never touched a disposable until this time and spent as long as I could in the toilet during the flight looking and feeling the nappy which was made by a company called ‘Fitti’ I later found. It had pictures of balloons on with smiley faces which faded when wet – it was a plastic backed nappy, very smooth and crinkly. Only recently I found a listing on eBay where someone was selling two of these and I bought one as a piece of memorabilia.

AB Universe SuperDry Kids (Pampers replicas)

They say the classics never get old, and I think so too! AB Universe put a vintage spin on their Super Dry Kids Nappies, diapers to back that old saying up! ABU’s Super Dry Kids nappies, diapers is a vintage throwback to the good-old-days when all-over white, cute designs, and crinkly plastic were standard for all.

You too can re-live the classic feel without worry of leaking this premium nappy, diaper shell. Featuring a super strong two-tape design, adorable, 90’s inspired landing zone and quick-absorb 4500ml core, your searching for a super awesome, classically vintage baby nappy, diaper look are now over!

Adult Baby Source

When I was in my late teens and was able to access the internet to learn more about how I was feeling I came across Adult Baby Source which is a website with what they describe as the worlds largest collection of adult baby, babies, diaper lovers, mommies and much more pictures, and videos.

I was very curious to access this site and at the time there was limited access which was not charged for – so I was able to have a look. I found many pictures and videos which made me desire being in that situation of the adult baby, diaper lover and soon become fixated on wanting to achieve this.

This was the main beginning for me being an adult baby – whilst I had the desires since I was no longer a baby, it was only in my later years when I could learn more as well as order nappies to wear in the first instance.

The nineties disposable nappies

As well as in the mid to the late 1980s the 1990s was a disposable world and plastic backed as opposed to the cloth backing you see now. I remember you could always without any doubt see a nappy, diaper being worn – the back was noticeably square, rounded and the waistband usually stuck out the top of what was being worn. They were thick and bulky and rustled with every move made – the adverts showed this as well however a lot of companies (pampers, huggies, luvs, togs, peudouce etc.) were attempting to move away from this in their designs as well as keep dryness at its best.

Trip to a forest in Norfolk with a carer

Just looking back at a picture I drew a while back to send to the carer, who looked after me for a day and night in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. She took me out to a lovely tranquil forest where we saw lots of little piglets running around in a field close by. So there was me an adult baby in not far from Kings Lynn, Norfolk being well looked after by my carer in a lovely forest exploring the nature. We saw lovely trees and sunshine setting through them at the same time. After we finished she took me back for a lovely bubble bath and then put me to bed for the night.