PaddedPawz age-play and pet-play store

PaddedPawz are a UK based store providing age-play and pet-play items to the kink and regression communities. I recently came across them by searching for a larger NUK dummy, pacifier I wanted. The ones I have tried to this day are the NUK 4 and 5 however I have also tried two larger type but, to large! So, I now find myself ordering an NUK 6 which hopefully should be just right. The NUK 5 is okay however I feel just a tiny bit more will do it!

PaddedPawz also sell other great items for ABDL, age-players etc. I have just been looking at the bags, plushies and blankets they do. They have a lovely little diplodocus dinosaur plush that I think I am going to look at getting soon! He looks lovely and perhaps will make a nice addition to my cot bed when it is made.

Other items they do which I like are the inner little dinosaur hoodies which look very comfy and feature dino spikes down the arms, back and hood.

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