My custom made Privatina ‘JUNIOR’ sleeper is nearly hear! I so cannot wait…

Earlier in the month of November I blogged that I had ordered my ‘JUNIOR’ sleeper from an amazing company called ‘Privatina’. They said it could take up to 14 days to create this wonder and it has however now that has passed and perhaps tomorrow if not Wednesday it will be arriving with me. I am so excited and the minute it arrives I am going to get it on to enjoy my first night sleeping tight and cosy in my new and first sleeper.

For those who didn’t see the earlier blog here is the ‘JUNIOR’ sleeper I have had made however I have a giraffe on the front of mine not the one as shown.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the site you got it at. I had never seen that site for ABDL clothes before, and it looks like they offer some really neat items. I may just have to get the overalls with the snaps for diaper changes…

    1. No problem Michaeli, it was not so easy to come by however now I have I can share the information where I can. If you order anything it would be good for you to come back and post some comments 🙂

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