Something I found which is interesting although I slightly disagree…

I found this earlier in the week posted on facebook, purely for fun and not meaning to gain any criticism as such but I would not agree with the 6th stage comments as being an AB you should be exactly how your AB age is in my opinion. Yes people can pick out parts of that age but if your being 100% regressed to an age where 6 would be realilty then it should be. This is only purely my opinion though…

Buy ‘vintage’ nappies, diapers plastic PAMPERS style etc.

I have a mass of vintage plastic backed baby disposable nappies, diapers (NEW) infant midi for sale on eBay at present. They are already selling well and come in pairs however you can order more than one pair if you like. The condition is ‘new’ and they are dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd class. They are 4-10kg (9-22lbs) COMFIES Ultra Absorbent and lovely to touch and feel etc. Discreet delivery at all times.

Don’t miss this opportunity! These are RARE and are only going to get RARER.

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post…

What am I like not posting for almost a month! Anyway, what can I now talk about, how about being an AB and Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, day etc. What a joy it would be the share this with a special person who is caring for you as either a sitter, sister or mummy. Being put to bed the night before waiting for Santa and his Reindeers to come and put your lovely baby presents under the tree.

The next morning waking up all excited and whether your changed before the presents or not would be up to that special person, in a way I like the though of still being in a night-time nappy, diaper when sat on the floor opening presents and being all in the baby zone upon opening each one.

Then later in the day the Christmas dinner for baby, how would that be in your nice high chair?

My newly aquired ABDL friend Katie (Robinson PA, USA)

Not so long I made contact with Baby Katie of Robinson PA, USA and now were ABDL friends (although predominantly I am AB). Katie (22) seems a lovely little so far. Her AB age is 2 and she even recollects when she was that age for real! how lucky. Katie loves to draw and recently did the below picture especially for me using an online app. I love the fact Katie didn’t forget to leave ‘apple’ out.

Thank you Katie x

My custom made Privatina ‘JUNIOR’ sleeper is nearly hear! I so cannot wait…

Earlier in the month of November I blogged that I had ordered my ‘JUNIOR’ sleeper from an amazing company called ‘Privatina’. They said it could take up to 14 days to create this wonder and it has however now that has passed and perhaps tomorrow if not Wednesday it will be arriving with me. I am so excited and the minute it arrives I am going to get it on to enjoy my first night sleeping tight and cosy in my new and first sleeper.

For those who didn’t see the earlier blog here is the ‘JUNIOR’ sleeper I have had made however I have a giraffe on the front of mine not the one as shown.

PaddedPawz age-play and pet-play store

PaddedPawz are a UK based store providing age-play and pet-play items to the kink and regression communities. I recently came across them by searching for a larger NUK dummy, pacifier I wanted. The ones I have tried to this day are the NUK 4 and 5 however I have also tried two larger type but, to large! So, I now find myself ordering an NUK 6 which hopefully should be just right. The NUK 5 is okay however I feel just a tiny bit more will do it!

PaddedPawz also sell other great items for ABDL, age-players etc. I have just been looking at the bags, plushies and blankets they do. They have a lovely little diplodocus dinosaur plush that I think I am going to look at getting soon! He looks lovely and perhaps will make a nice addition to my cot bed when it is made.

Other items they do which I like are the inner little dinosaur hoodies which look very comfy and feature dino spikes down the arms, back and hood.

Adult baby boys using nappies, diapers

Many often wonder do adult baby boys use their nappies, diapers etc. or not and if they do what do they do in them? It’s quite a personal aspect however in simple terms most do so for the reasons of feeling secure as well as not in control (it is the ultimate AB experience if you think about it).

Adult babies wetting their nappies, diapers is quite an enjoyable sensation and convenient in some cases. An adult baby boy will know he is wet however it doesn’t necessarily mean they feel wet as most modern nappies are designed to keep an AB feeling dry. It is a very hard sensation to explain to someone as everyone is so different and some people like to be changed quick and some don’t. It all depends on what kind of experience, simulation you want.

REARZ ‘Lil Squirts Splash’ oversized adult baby bottle

Printed in their famous Lil’ Squirts Splash print with an all glass bottle and fast flow vented silicone nipple, this bottle is a must have for your adult baby collection. They say to jump in for a splash with the new friends Lucy the Bunny, Arnold the Dog, Onyx the Tiger, Gus the Otter and Autumn the Bear! This bottle is very good in quality, I have two and love them especially the fact they are glass (borosilicate).

Diaper….. or nappy?

Of course in the USA the term is diaper and most may not really acknowledge or use the term nappy however why are we not hearing ABNL as well as ABDL? Its not me trying to be too detailed but in the UK everyone still says ABDL however not many actually use the term diaper in general, its nappy. I personally don’t mind the term diaper however it has to be in a strong American accent to like hearing it. For those who I know in the UK it has to be nappy all the time and no short form such as ‘nap’.