If you are wishing to have your very own hand-made wooden adult baby nursery furniture such as a highchair or cot, bed etc. then one of my specialties is design and build. At present I have not any items ready for sale however soon you will be able to find information with regards to how to acquire one of these nursery gems.

Adult highchairs

I can make different types of wooden adult highchairs, they can be natural wood and varnished, stained or painted to suit the users desires. Typically the wood used is pine however I can use other hardwoods if requested. You can choose to have an adult size harness system added if you wish in black or white either lap strap or three, four or five way. If you want padded seat coverings they can be plain, patterned or a nursery print and most importantly wipe clean.

My adult highchair design can include detachable parts so they can be stored and transports easily saving space. I am currently working on a design which can be easily taken apart and put in a storage, transport case, bag.

Adult cots

Like the adult highchairs adult cots can be natural wood and varnished, stained or painted to suit the users desires. They can be provided with a waterproof mattress or not and be custom designed if you have specific requirements, measurements.

You may be a professional mummy, daddy, sitter etc. who needs something unique for your nursery and adult babies, littles to be using. A lot of my designs are based on an 1980s to 1990s style which are very rare to find to the same standard of quality. This does not mean though, if you have a specific interest in mind that I cannot assist with this.

If you wish to make an enquiry then please feel free to contact me using my contact page.