I do not charge for being looked after. I have so much to offer being a genuine, sweet and kind adult baby boy, I just expect love and care in return.

I don’t expect you to be super experienced with being a big sister or babysitter and it’s okay if you are not even experienced at all – everyone has to start from the beginning at some point. I can make suggestions about what we can do if you are new to the role and I will put any of your concerns at ease. I can be flexible – it is not all about me but I cannot be anything other than an adult baby boy or offer anything of a sexual nature (so please do not ask).

I do not expect you to provide anything that I need unless you particularly want to and for my own safety and discretion (which I offer in return) I need to be able to feel comfortable with those who wish to spend time looking after me. I do not necessarily expect something to just happen overnight however sometimes bonds can be made very quickly and this is fine.

At first I will contact you in reply by email to thank you for your enquiry and if I need to ask you any further questions then I will but these will be very simple – just to allow me to be confident to forward you my contact number for messaging and telephone calls.

You can enquire about looking after me at anytime using my contact page. I ask you to be respectful and polite which is exactly how I will be with you and please give me a little introduction when contacting me even if just a short paragraph. If your unsure about anything then please ask!